Immigration Medical Exam


Immigration Medical Exam

Immigration Medical Exams
Immigration Vaccinations and Immunizations
INS Medical Exams
Immigration Physical includes Syphilis, TB Gold test, Gonorrhea test & Flu Vaccine.

All UCIS Vaccinations required are an extra cost.
Bring all your prior vaccination records to avoid charges.

Immigration Medical Exams
Immigration Vaccinations and Immunizations
INS Medical Exams
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Your Immigration Medical Exam requires the following:

The immigration doctor will record your complete medical history and perform a thorough physical examination. A blood sample will be obtained for HIV and Syphilis. A tuberculosis gold test will be performed. The US government requires specific vaccinations according to your age. Vaccinations will be given in our clinic only if required. Please bring proof of all prior vaccinations with you to your scheduled appointment. Bring your valid photo ID or Passport. New COVID vaccine proof required now( we don't give it).

Applicants completing the immigration medical examination that are 15 years of age or older require blood samples be taken for HIV and syphilis. The Immigration Medical Doctor may require an applicant less than 15 years of age to have these tests if there is reason to believe the immigration medical applicant may have one of these diseases.

The Immigration Medical Doctor is required to provide pre and post test counseling to all applicants who have the HIV and syphilis test performed.

The Immigration medical examination requires the following vaccinations: mumps, measles, rubella, polio, tetanus, diphtheria toxoids, pertussis, influenza type B, hepatitis B, and any other vaccinations recommended by the Advisory Committee for Immunization Practices (ACIP). Current ACIP recommendations also include the varicella, haemophilius influenzae type B, and pneumococcal vaccines. RENEE PATEL MD, INC. will review your vaccination history with you to determine whether you have all the required vaccinations. Make sure you take your vaccination records with you to your appointment with the Doctor. Do not try to comply with these requirements before you meet with the Immigration Doctor, in case it is not medically appropriate for you to have one or more of the required vaccines.Charges vary on testing and vaccinations. Ranges from $230-$550.

After the medical exam is complete, the Immigration Doctor will give you Form I-693 with the results in a sealed envelope to present to INS. Do not open the sealed envelope.

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Dr. Renee Patel is a board-certified practitioner who specializes in internal medicine in Downey, California and the surrounding area. She’s been practicing for over 35 years. In 1979, Dr. Patel graduated from Nagpur University. After completing her medical degree, she finished her residency at Christ Community Hospital, Chicago.

Currently, Dr. Patel is an internist at Renee Patel, MD, where she provides patients with a variety of services, such as laser tattoo and hair removal, fat reduction treatments, and the removal of various skin issues, such as tags, skin lesions, acne treatments and acne scar reduction. She even removes varicose veins and provides wrinkle removal treatment.

She firmly believes medicine isn’t just about treating internal conditions; medicine entails treating the external to make the internal feel more complete. She welcomes patients of all types and even has the ability to accept patients who can’t speak English since her and her staff both speak English and Spanish. Dr. Patel is affiliated with PIH and Downey Regional Medical Center.

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